Different Types Of Storage Systems In A Warehouse


A warehouse is a building for storing goods before they are sold or used. Trying to choose a good storage system that is functional and well organised is challenging. These systems are significant capital investment and if not keenly observed can either help or hurt you throughout. Different storage systems have particular applications which depend on the size, weight and nature of goods. They include:

Shelving system

These storage mechanisms are mainly designed to stay in one place. They are commonly used to hold things that need continuous replenishment. The goods stored here must be reasonably lightweight. They are manually picked or placed since these shelves are not compatible with forklifts. It’s suitable for storage of agricultural produce, light clothing and also small products, which are easy and quick to access. You can still invest in a wide-span shelving system if your inventory is extensive. It has the excellent benefit of holding more weight, and it’s suitable for higher-elevation configurations.

Wire partitioned system

This type of self storage services is most suitable for items that need special security and crucial tools. The partitions are made with heavy-gauge steel to provide proper protection. The barriers are easily expanded, reduced or modified in shape if the storage space needs to change. They are placed with wire cages that are meant to be installed and torn down quickly and easily.

Pallet Racking

Goods stored in boxes and require inventory logging are most suitable in this type of system. It is a common and important place for logistical stock storage and movement. With pallet racking, considerations such as weight, mobility, stability and space are essential. They need to be regularly monitored to ensure adequate stability all through. This prevents risks such as toppling which can result in damages and losses of goods.

Automated storage system

These kinds of systems enable items to be stored and retrieved by a computer-controlled mechanical arm device. That sounds cool. They are ideal for retrieving smaller items that may take a person a long time to locate and pick. They help you to save both time and energy, and most importantly they cut costs of hiring people to work for you. There is little loss incurred by goods falling while being retrieved as compared to a human doing it. In the case of either computer or mechanical failure causes an inability to access the products but you can still do it manually though.

Mezzanine flooring system

It’s merely constructing a second floor above existing aisles, to provide another level of extra storage. It offers a variety of custom designs by providing extra shelving space, working areas for staff to either pick, pack or move stock. It’s suitable for the storage of goods and materials which are hand-picked. The costs may be high, but with time they pay for having space without paying extra rent. It’s advisable to hire a company that can efficiently manage the whole process for you.
Finally, don’t buy a storage system that does not fit your needs. Go for one that is flexible enough to support your operation as it flourishes and grows.